Deposit Insurance Agency Started Reimbursement of Insured Depositors

After seven months from the date the Deposit Insurance System was launched in Georgia, the Deposit Insurance Agency paid out its first insured depositor. The first insurance case took place after the National Bank of Georgia revoked the banking license from JSC “International Bank of Azerbaija...

2 August 2018

For the Attention of Customers of JSC “International Bank of Azerbaijan-Georgia”

JSC “International Bank of Azerbaijan-Georgia” is leaving the Georgian market. Under the decree of the Vice-President of the National Bank of Georgia №465, July 25 2018, the process of liquidation of the Bank has begun, which implies the case of insurance under the Georgian Law on &ldquo...

25 July 2018

Commercial Banks paid 1 251 774,70 GEL Regular Insurance Premium in July 2018

According to the Law of Georgia on “Deposit Insurance System” and “Instruction for Calculation of Base for Regular Insurance Premiums Payable by the Commercial Banks and Procedures for Payment of Regular Insurance Premiums” total amount of regular premiums for all commercial ...

18 July 2018

Information about Deposits as of June 30, 2018

Total amount of Deposits for all 16 banks operating in Georgia as of June 30 2018 equals to 20 419 077 133 GEL.

18 July 2018

Deposit Insurance Agency invested in Treasury Securities

According to Investment Policy of Deposit Insurance Agency and Investment Plan 2018 Agency participated in Treasury Security Auction of Ministry of Finance of Georgia on June 27, 2018 and invested 2 356 868,56 GEL in 5 years maturity Benchmark Bonds with 7.720% interest rate.  

28 June 2018