Deposit Insurance Agency invested in Treasury Securities

According to Investment Policy of Deposit Insurance Agency and Investment Plan 2018 Agency participated in Treasury Security Auction of Ministry of Finance of Georgia on March 21, 2018 and invested 1 158 601,51 GEL in 5 years maturity Benchmark Bonds with 7.800% interest rate.

23 March 2018

Commercial Banks paid 1 207 300,51 GEL Regular Insurance Premium in March 2018

According to the Law of Georgia on “Deposit Insurance System” and “Instruction for Calculation of Base for Regular Insurance Premiums Payable by the Commercial Banks and Procedures for Payment of Regular Insurance Premiums” total amount of regular premiums for all commercial ...

23 March 2018

Information about Deposits as of February 28, 2018

Total amount of Deposits for all 16 banks operating in Georgia as of February 2018 equals to 19 300 224 884 GEL, Including deposits of Individual depositors - 10 450 809 495 GEL (GEL - 2 476 422 781 GEL, FX - 7 775 448 333 GEL equivalent), and deposits of Legal Entities - 8 833 752 059 GEL (GEL- 4 4...

23 March 2018

Welcome Meetign with Media Representatives

LEPL Deposit Insurance Agency organized welcome meeting with media representatives working on economic issues. The Head of the Agency introduced to the guests the presentation on deposit insurance system - its content and importance.

22 March 2018

Meeting with Representatives of Commercial Banks

LEPL Deposit Insurance Agency organized meeting with representatives of the commercial banks to discuss accomplished activities and future action plan of the Agency. Otar Dzidzikashvili, the Head of the Agency, presented the prospects of further development of deposit insurance system.

15 March 2018