Meeting with Representatives of Commercial Banks

15 March 2018

LEPL Deposit Insurance Agency organized meeting with representatives of the commercial banks to discuss accomplished activities and future action plan of the Agency. Otar Dzidzikashvili, the Head of the Agency, talked about the prospects of further development of deposit insurance system. He introduced to the guests most important issues, which are being carried out or planned by the Agency during current year, including preparation of detailed instruction on payout procedures together with respective software, drafting of medium to long-term strategy of the Agency and medium to long-term investment policy.

Mr. Dzidzikashvili presented the Agency’s PR strategy and respective planned activities. The Head of the Agency also talked about the active communication with the International Organizations noting on the issues of their technical assistance.

Representatives of the Association of Banks of Georgia and the World Bank expert for Deposit Insurance Technical Assistance Mission also attended the meeting.

In the final discussion of the meeting, Head of the Agency and the World Bank expert answered the questions and issues raised by the commercial bank representatives.